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We are an Official SoftPro Authorized Check Printer
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An Important Message regarding SoftPro:

Accurate Checks and SoftPro

To help reduce SoftPro customers printing costs and at the same time provide the new Check 21 compliant check format, Accurate Checks ( is pleased to announce its ongoing partnership with SoftPro offering up to 20% savings over their previous preferred vendors, Accurate Checks provides national coverage with distribution centers in all regions of the country. We are confident that Accurate Checks will provide unrivaled service, pricing, and delivery time regardless of where you are located.

New Release:

We now offer an optional new line of our patented High Security Fingerprint Hologram stock to give you added safety and security.

Choose the original SoftPro Check Printer:

Please do not be fooled by competitors with similar names. We are an Official SoftPro Authorized Check Printer with many years Serving Title Firms Nationwide. We count among our client’s small firms as well as larger nationwide firms, in fact, we also serve the largest title company in the country. The reason is Price and Unsurpassed Service.

Software Support:

500 Free checks with your first order **(with minimum 500 order e.g.: Pay for 500 get an additional 500 free (1000 Total!))

As an added incentive to switch from other check printing vendors, Accurate Checks customers are **eligible for 500 free checks with their first order of 500 or more checks for your SoftPro software. In addition, if you order checks for QuickBooks or any other software that you use for check writing, we will extend the same offer for each different account number that you order for. If you are ordering online, you will have to complete the purchases separately by logging out after each purchase and log back on for the next order. (We verify eligibility upon receipt of either your FAX or online orders Our prices will not be beat!

**This free offer is limited to customers who have not previously ordered from Accurate Checks or are ordering for another account such as an operating account.

500 Free Checks

You can get 500 additional checks with 500 or more ordered. For example order 500 you will receive 1000 checks. This is for new or additional unique account numbers. Not valid on re-orders.

Just enter the promo code FREE500 at checkout.

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